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I’m thrilled to announce my debut novel, ‘London Belongs to Me’, arriving worldwide October 14. Fancy a coming of age story full of pop culture, friendship, and romance? Join Alex Sinclair, a 21-year-old college graduate from Tallahassee, as she starts over in London, a city she’s always loved from afar…3DBook-LBTM-Website-CLICK

‘London Belongs to Me’ is available for pre-order…

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Check out the advance reviews on Goodreads:

“It had it all, and was funnier than I expected. It was raw and real and gritty…. Middleton did a terrific job of taking us on an unforgettable, and ultimately fulfilling rollercoaster ride of one young woman’s life that I won’t soon forget.”

“It captures London perfectly, the writing is frankly, delicious, and you feel you want to dive into the pages and live in it with abandonment.”

“…Humorous, quirky, jaw-dropping, sad, and inspiring… all the qualities I look for in a good book”

“I truly cared about the characters’ fates, and was cracking up throughout the book at some of their escapades – but other times I was holding back the tears. An interesting and diverse cast of characters, along with several intriguing plotlines interwoven against a foreign setting, made this a memorable read.”

“Make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be or anything you need to do because you won’t want to stop reading ‘London Belongs to Me’ until you’ve finished it all!”

*** Check out all the advance reviews on Goodreads. ***

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Alex Sinclair couldn’t jump on a plane fast enough. Broken from an unexpected betrayal, she flees sunny Florida for the Britannia cool of London—home of her favourite TV shows, plays, and fangirl heroes. Alex believes London is where she belongs, where she’ll heal old wounds, and chase her dream of writing for the theatre. Staying with her British friend Harry with barely a year’s rent money in her pocket, the clock is ticking.

But when a wealthy rival fueled by ambition and jealousy threatens her career and a fledgling romance, Alex once again questions her self-worth—and is left wondering if London is where she truly belongs.

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